Triangle Loader


An experienced team for your marketing communication strategies

Skills, expertise and passion: this is how we bring value to the business of our clients. We are a group of professionals with different backgrounds, offering consulting support and direct development of marketing communication platforms and strategies.

Antonio has more than 13 years digital marketing communication experience, with a deep knowledge of the digital media landscape, to provide our clients solutions for an integrated approach of owned, earned and paid media channels.

Salvatore is our coding, database building, CRM and data management expert. He helps our clients in setting valuable and actionable data platforms, bringing back value in terms of new prospects acquisition and customers Life Time Value and retention improvement.

Alberto is our Data Analyst, he looks at data to take out insights, discover behavioural and value-driven clusters, set predictive modelling and bring optimization to organic and paid media campaigns. He is experienced in algorithms creation, machine and deep learning.

Ileana is our CMO, bringing together smart and rational thinking. She is our project manager, she coordinates our partner agencies and she offers our clients her deep experience in crowdfunding and social responsible marketing strategies.

Michele is our economical and financial business manager. He provides our clients consulting for start-ups creation and fund raising, organizational management and business plan setting. His mission is helping businesses increasing revenues, adopting solutions for a stronger effectiveness at an higher efficiency.

Matteo brings to our company his business management skills: analysing our clients’ team structure to build tools and platforms for improving internal communications; identifying C-level needs to set-up dashboards helping them visualize company’s performance in real time; supporting our clients growing their networks and intercepting the right B2B target.

Elisa is our legal expert, she provides support in data management and privacy compliance, she helps our clients building their terms and conditions framework and she provide consultancy in setting the proper solutions for customers profiling aimed at marketing intelligence activity and CRM.


We listen our clients needs and help them finding the right strategy for their business



We analyze your brief, understand your business goals, help you defining your audiences and evaluate your needs



We find the right solutions for your company, share our strategy and project development, adjust our proposition with your feedback



We implement the project, manage it from the beginning and provide you with constant reporting and performance evaluation



We collect insights to give you a deep understanding of project performance and to help you set the next chapter of your business


Website development, fund-raising, marketing communication strategies and much more